Community Health Improvement Project in Bowdoin Geneva

Status: Past Project
Year: 2019
Location: Boston
Client: Nonprofits
Services Provided: Community Health Grantmaking
Technical Expertise: Community Development

Funds were made available to support innovative, small scale Community Health Improvement (CHI) projects in the Bowdoin Geneva community. Funding for this opportunity comes from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Community Benefits Program and Determination of Need Community Health Initiatives, which are overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

This RFP was designed to support 2-3 CHI pilot projects in the Bowdoin Geneva, community totaling $22,000 in grants. CHI projects address root causes and systemic issues in the community and have outcomes focused on health. Grants supported community initiatives and projects focusing on:

  • Developing capacity for economic growth and power (i.e. urban farming, cultural entrepreneurship)
  • Building a community gathering space (i.e. green space, garden, greenhouse)
  • Community and youth of color engagement that supports capacity building (i.e. canvasing, neighborhood planning process, forming a democratic neighborhood association)

Through these projects the Bowdoin Geneva Community Advisory Board sought to support the lives of people of color throughout Bowdoin Geneva that desire to make this neighborhood a better place. Bowdoin Geneva CAB sought applicants who were interested in creating community spaces that can build stronger relationships between the residents of Bowdoin Geneva.