National Maternal Health Research Network

Status: Current

Location: National
Client: Nonprofits, Government organizations
Services Provided: Multi-Sector Convening, Training and Technical Assistance
Technical Expertise: Public Health-Health Care Integration, Other

Women in the United States experience higher maternal death rates than those in other developed nations, with Black women, women experiencing poverty, and women living in rural areas bearing the heaviest burden. 聽With funding from the , 911视频 will facilitate a 2-year process to address the rising maternal death rate in the United States by convening partners 鈥 particularly those with lived experience 鈥 to shape the direction of maternal health research and interventions focused on the populations most affected.

Individuals with lived experience, researchers, and other stakeholders will lead the effort to positively impact maternal health outcomes through the establishment of the National Maternal Health Research Network (NMHRN). The NMHRN will prioritize the voices of Black women, women living in rural areas, and women experiencing poverty along with other patient representatives, to develop a shared understanding of the factors that contribute to inequitable maternal mortality rates. These learnings will inform a patient-centered research agenda that focuses on the issues prioritized by patients and responsive strategies to reduce adverse maternal health outcomes.

NMHRN will also provide training in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), as well as other topics and skills, to build the capacity of Network leadership and members.

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Read the NMHRN Patient-Centered and Prioritized Agenda here.